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Senior Dog Advice

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Senior Dog Advice Articles

Here are a few of our top senior dog related articles

What to do if your dog has diabetes


If your dog's pancreas doesn't produce enough of a hormone called insulin, your pet could develop diabetes - or diabetes mellitus to five it its full name. 

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Looking after your dog's eyes

Healthy dogs should be bright, clear eyes that are free from diet, discharge or inflammation. All dogs can potentially suffer with eye irritations and infections, but it's more likely to become a problem as your dog gets older. 

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Heart disease in large dogs


Signs of heart failure can initially be quite mild and so may be difficult to pick up.    

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Dental care for older dogs

As your dog gets older, years of plaque and tartar build-up in its mouth can start to get out of hand.

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Dealing with arthritis in your older dog


Most dogs will become less active as they get older, but if your pet seems particularly slow or reluctant to move, it may have osteoarthritis - often just called arthritis. 

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Heart disease in small to medium dogs


Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) is the most common form of heart disease that develops in dogs. It generally occurs in small to medium size dogs rather than big dogs.    

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Dealing with incontinence in older dogs

If you notice your dog having little accidents, it may be suffering from incontinence. You might see a wet patch left behind when your dog has been lying down, even puddles of urine left by a pet that is fully house trained.

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The right diet for an older dog

When a dog starts to enter its advanced years, it does a lot less rushing around than it use to, and its growing days tend to be over. 

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