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Rabbit advice articles

Rabbits may be quiet creatures who keep themselves to themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about them! Caring for rabbits means giving them lots of love and attention, and our expert advice will tell you all the key information you need to know.

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What is flystrike?

Flystrike occurs when certain types of fly lay their eggs on a rabbit, which then hatch into maggots that eat the animal’s flesh. It can be fatal.

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Rabbit diet

Feeding the correct diet is probably the single most important means of having a healthy and long-lived rabbit.

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The right environment for your rabbit

When you choose how to house your rabbit, it’s important to remember that even if your space is limited, your pet must be able to hop around as well as keep warm, dry and well fed.

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Getting the right insurance for your rabbit

Serious illness or injury can be expensive to treat, so it’s very important to ensure the costs are covered with a good insurance policy.

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Getting your rabbit vaccinated

There are two nasty infectious diseases that threaten rabbits, but fortunately your bunny can be protected against them. All you need to do is get your rabbit vaccinated, and then make sure the protection is topped up with an annual booster vaccination.

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Neutering your rabbit

Neutering a male rabbit means removing its testes, while the equivalent procedure in a female is called spaying – the removal of the reproductive organs.

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