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Summer Advice for Pets

Summer is here! From beach days to BBQs in the garden, there's plenty for families to enjoy but there are plenty of dangers we need to be mindful of when it comes to our pets.

For most of us, Summer is the one time of year that we look forward to the most. Many of us take the chance to have beach days, long hikes, BBQs and holidays. One thing that pet owners need to consider is the present dangers for our pets. 

Hot pavements, sunburn and poisonous flowers are just some of what we need to consider so that we are responsible pet owners. Making sure that you're aware of all the risks to your pets allows you, your families and your pets to enjoy Summer to its fullest!

Remember, your local vet practice is always happy to provide advice and provide care if your pet is suffering from the weather. 

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Summer safety


Dogs are intuitively sensible in the heat but they can easily overheat when running around and playing games, so be careful with them during the summertime, especially during the hotter days. Understanding how to be responsible for your dog in the summer can help protect your dog and keep them from very serious danger.

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Summer Safety


Cats are very comfortable with the heat, in fact, you'll find them stretched out sunbathing. Cats can cool themselves down by sleeping and resting in cool shady spots, but this does not make them immune to any dangers in the summer. For example, cats are at risk of sunburn.

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Summer safety


Rabbits can overheat and may not be able to cool down. Sadly, the rise in body temperature can be fatal enough to cause organ failure and death. Therefore, it is especially important that rabbit owners are fully prepared to keep their rabbits cool in the summer. 

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