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Pet Health Plans & Petplan Pet Insurance

Pet health plans and pet insurance help you protect your pet

Pet health plan & offer selection:

Pet Health Plans, Pet Offers and Pet Insurance

Pet health plans and pet insurance help you protect your pet, but they’re very different things.

Pet Health Plans

Health plans* are designed to make preventative health care more affordable. Depending on which health plan you choose, you’ll save money on things like annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and routine health check-ups. 


Make huge savings on your pet’s vaccinations when you join our exclusive Vac4Life plan. Only £99

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Complete Care
Complete Care

Our Complete Care pet health plan is designed to cover all the regular essentials such as annual vaccinations, regular worming and flea protection, and a 6 month check-up with your vet.

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Report Dog and Cat
Complete care senior

Our Complete Care Senior Health Plan provides the best preventative health care for your senior pet, to help keep your pet fit and healthy throughout its life.

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Best Start in Life

Our Best Start in Life package gives your puppy or kitten all the things they need from a veterinary perspective to get them started to being a happy and healthy pet.

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Petplan Pet Insurance

Not all pet insurance policies are the same. At Vets4Pets we recommend Petplan’s Covered For Life® insurance.