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Cats have been popular household pets for thousands of years, so if you share your home with a feline friend, you’re joining an ancient tradition! Whether your cat is a cuddly kitten or an elderly bundle of love, we’ll help you care for it like an expert and enjoy a long and happy life with this most enigmatic of pets.

Neutering and Spaying


Neutering is a routine operation that will stop your
cat from breeding. Not only does it help prevent
unwanted kittens being born, it also has a number of
other benefits for your cat’s health and behaviour.

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Tuberculosis in cats

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans as well as a wide range of animals and is one type of disease that can be caused by mycobacteria.

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Kitten Top Tips

There’s lots to think about when getting a new kitten. From feeding your kitten, to getting them vaccinated, take a look at our kitten advice pages.

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Sadly, it is not unusual for cats to go missing or 

get lost. The Cats Protection charity alone re-
homes 48,000 cats every single year.

A microchip is what stands between a pet cat
being lost forever and them being returned to
their owners safe and sound.

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Bye Bye Bugs!

In general, parasites can be divided into 2 categories:

Ectoparasites - which can be found on the coat or skin of your pet. These include Fleas, Ticks, Lice and Mites.

Endoparasites - those which live inside your pet. These include Tapeworm, Lungworm and Roundworm.

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Arthritis in cats

Osteoarthritis, often referred to just as arthritis, is a chronic, degenerative joint disease that makes movement difficult and painful and mainly affects cats and dogs in their middle and senior years.

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Spring and cleaning dangers

Spring is now upon us and families across the UK 

are ready to give their house a good clear out and
enjoy more time in the garden, many with their pets.

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Getting your cat vaccinated

There’s no better way to protect your cat from some life threatening infectious diseases than by having it vaccinated. It’s something we carry out every day at Vets4Pets – it’s quick, simple and very effective.

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