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Getting Ready For Your New Kitten

When you’re preparing for a new kitten, it pays to plan ahead

There are few things more exciting than choosing a new kitten, but whether you’re buying from a breeder or collecting from a friend, remember that it’s a big responsibility. You need to make sure you’re ready for your little bundle of fun, and that means preparing your home properly for the new family member.

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You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money, but you will probably need to buy a sturdy cat carrier, a kitten-sized litter tray (not too deep), and perhaps a scratching post (if your kitten doesn’t have something to scratch, it will soon shred the fabric on your best sofa!). You can either make a bed from a cardboard box and an old cushion, or buy something cosy from a pet shop.

Specialist kitten food is by far the best diet for your new pet, but check what the previous owner has been feeding it, and try and stick with that for a couple of weeks. You can then switch gradually to a new type if you prefer. Don't forget to buy bowls for food and water, and make sure your kitten has access to fresh water at all times.

Your new arrival will be small and full of energy, and could potentially get stuck in all kinds of places. Have a good look round your home and see if there are any likely hiding places that could cause problems – down the side of kitchen appliances for instance. Block them up if possible. Keep poisons such as anti-freeze well away from the kitten, and watch out for plants such as lilies or umbrella plants as these are poisonous to cats.


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