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Travelling In The Car With Your Dog

Does your dog travel in the car with you? Read our top tips on keeping your dog safe whilst travelling.

Travelling with your dog, whether it’s to the local park or off on holiday, is a regular part of many people’s lives. We hear a lot about car safely for people, and cars can be just as dangerous for dogs if we don’t follow some sensible, easy tips.

More about travelling in the car with your dog

Make sure your dog is restrained properly. We have to wear a seatbelt, and for good reason. Crashes can cause devastating injuries, and loose dogs can injure both themselves and anyone in the car with them.

Car restraints 

Sticking your head out of the window can feel fun, but accidents happen and impacts at speed can have awful consequences. Dogs with their head out of the window can also be a distraction for other drivers!
Depending on how you are restraining your dog you may want to disable airbags. While riding in the front passenger seat can be a distraction, and dogs are generally safer in the back seats, if your dog is harnessed in the front check the manufacturer’s instructions about the airbag.
Dogs die in hot cars, and cars can heat up remarkably fast, even when they aren’t in full sun. Cranking a window is not enough – never leave your dog alone in the car. Heat can also be a problems when you are moving – sun blinds can help prevent your dog being stuck in a pool of sunlight on a journey, or think about making sure your dog is on the shadier side of the car if you can.
Only ever let your dog out of the car onto the pavement side – never into the road. This is for your safety as well as theirs! Training your dog to wait in the car until you have told them they can exit is also really helpful. This gives you time to get them safely on their lead, assess traffic or other dangers, and get them out safe and stress-free!

Stopping every few hours for a leg stretch, water and a toilet break is really important to keep everyone in the car comfortable. Keep an eye on your dog as you travel. Dogs can suffer from car sickness, so watching for any signs of discomfort and being able to take an extra break if your dog needs to is really important.

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