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Caring for your senior pet

Just like humans, as a pet gets older their requirements can change. 

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Like humans, as dogs and cats age, they can begin to experience health problems. But unlike us, they often can’t let us know that they’re feeling unwell. That’s why regular visits to the vet and health checks are so important.

Caring for your senior cat

From dealing with hyperthyroidism to looking after your senior cat's teeth, read our top tips on caring for your older cat.

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Caring for your senior dog

There's lots to think about when caring for an older dog, read our advice on keeping your older companion happy and healthy.

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Complete Care Senior health plan

Our Complete Care Senior Health Plan provides the best preventative health care for your senior pet, to help keep your pet fit and healthy throughout its life.

Along with treatment, screenings and health checks, your pet will also get the following discounts:  

  • 20% off neutering (prevents uterine cancer in older pets)
  • 15% off dental procedures 
  • £10 off Vet Consultations 
  • 10% off internal Lab work 
  • £30 Healthy Pet Wellness Test 
  • £10 Microchip 
  • 10% off Seresto flea collar 
  • 10% off Adaptil/Feliway 
  • Nurse Clinic - weight check and dietary advice 
  • Nurse Clinic - nail clip 
  • Nurse Clinic - anal gland expression 
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