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We’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues protected, please be respectful and considerate to each other​. Please wear a face covering at all times unless medically exempt. Contact us to hear about the latest safety measures at our practice or to discuss your pet care needs.

Fareham Park Gate Companion Care

Inside Pets at Home
140-148 Southampton Road
Park Gate
PO14 4PH

Telephone: 01489 553 704

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Our cancellation and fail to attend policy

We have been experiencing a large increase in clients failing to attend appointments over recent months. Each fail to attend means there is another patient who could have been seen sooner who needed our help. We have had to implement a cancellation and fail to attend policy. This means that you need to contact us before we close the day preceding your appointment if you wish to reschedule. Any failures to attend will incur certain fees. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet the team

1. Lucy Grinham

Lucy Grinham

Joint Venture Partner and Veterinary Surgeon


Read Lucy Grinham bio

Graduated: 2012 - Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London

Joined the team: October 2004

Having grown up in Locks Heath and joining the team as a receptionist in 2004, Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate was the perfect place for me to work after graduation.

I grew up with rabbits and guinea-pigs at home and loved caring for them. Becoming a veterinary surgeon allows me to combine this passion with my scientific inquisitiveness and so it was the most natural thing for me to do.

I love being able to work with all the animals which come through my consultation room door, but I have a particular interest in rabbit and small mammal medicine and surgery.

Outside of work, I am a keen mountaineer and rock climber.

1. Antony Bielovich. Joint Venture Partner and Vet

Antony Bielovich

Joint Venture Partner and Veterinary Surgeon

BSc(Chem.Eng.), M.Ing., BVSc, MRCVS

Read Antony Bielovich bio

Joined the team: 2001 Antony, after working as an engineer, graduated as a vet in South Africa in 1998, and moved to Portmouth. Antony became a Joint Venture Partner in the Portsmouth surgery in 2001. Together with the other partners, there is now a group of associated practices within the Solent area: Companion Care Vets in Portsmouth, Fareham Park Gate and Fareham Collingwood, and Vets4Pets in Waterlooville and Havant. Antony has a keen interest in exotic patient care, medicine and surgery.

Antony often uses his engineering background and can be found tinkering, building and making things, at home along with his son.

2. Mackie Hobson. Joint Venture Partner and Vet

Mackie Hobson

Joint Venture Partner and Veterinary Surgeon

BSc(Agric.), BVSc, MRCVS

Read Mackie Hobson bio

Joined team: 2001

Mackie graduated in 1998 from Onderstepoort in South Africa before working as a vet in the peak district in Derbyshire. He joined Companion Care Vets in Portsmouth in 2001. Together with Antony, he is a partner in associated practices in the Solent area (the Portsmouth, Fareham Park Gate, Waterlooville and Havant surgeries).

Mackie is married to Jess, also a vet, who worked in the Fareham Park Gate surgery for many years. They have two children, three cats and two dogs.

17. Jean Paul Bugarin Venegas_square

Jean Paul Bugarin

Veterinary Surgeon


Read Jean Paul Bugarin bio

Graduated: 2018 - Veterinary Faculty of Cordoba University

Joined the team: July 20101

After I qualified, I applied for a job in small animal, first opinion practice in my hometown (Malaga - Spain). Here I spent my first year as a vet, learning the basics of this beloved profession. After I had to deal with (and suffer) an emergency with my own pet, I decided that I wanted to make a difference and help other people with their emergencies. After almost two years working for a practice that specialized in emergencies, I decided to come to England to broaden my surgical experience. My preferred fields are soft tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging.

Although I have a dog, I consider myself a cat man as I really enjoy studying their behaviour and dealing with their particular personalities.

I love my job but on a sunny Sunday (or not so sunny) you will probably find me exploring a new path in the middle of a mountain (hills).

1. Alice Brett

Alice Brett

Head Registered Veterinary Nurse


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Qualified: October 2014 – Sparsholt College, Winchester

Joined the team: October 2015

I have grown up in Fareham and started working in veterinary practice in 2010. I always had a keen interest in being a veterinary nurse and I started my nursing course in September 2011 where I began working towards becoming a registered veterinary nurse.

Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym or spending time with my friends and family. I have always had rabbits and hamsters as pets and I enjoy working with them which is also a big factor as to why I joined the companion care team; having known they have vets who are keen to see exotics.

2. Jemma Tuck

Jemma Tuck

Deputy Head Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Jemma Tuck bio

Qualified: October 2010 – MYF Training, Aldershot

Joined the team: August 2011

Having completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Management in 2006 at Sparsholt College, I went onto study the Veterinary Nursing NVQ at MYF training in Aldershot as I have always been interested in becoming a veterinary nurse since a young age and having animals at home to care for.

I have a keen interest in animal health and wellbeing and preventive care and supporting clients in caring for their pets. I enjoy the variety of work the job entails and the challenges that it brings.

In my spare time I have a passion for ballroom and latin dancing with my husband, motorsport, socialising with friends and walking.

3. Michelle Teather

Michelle Teather

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Michelle Teather bio

Qualified: 2008 – MYF Training, Aldershot

Joined the team: June 2008

I studied at Sparsholt College from school and achieved a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management. I then went on to become a student veterinary nurse and achieved a level3 Diploma, qualifying in 2008 when I began working at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate.

At home I love nothing more than spending time with my family. I have 2 young children that keep me very busy. We love watching movies and playing game.

4. Kimberley Wilson

Kimberley Wilson

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Kimberley Wilson bio

Qualified:2016 - Sparsholt College, Winchester

Joined the team: 2018

I’ve always had a keen interest and passion for animals, and have a natural instinct to care for them. This desire allowed me to pursue various roles working with dogs and cats in both a rescue, and a boarding kennel setting. Having gained lots of experience in these roles, I realised it was actually Veterinary nursing that was the career for me, and in 2016 I qualified as a RVN.

I have since trained as a Clinical Coach, and I really enjoy training and assisting SVNs in practice. Outside of work, I am studying for further qualifications, currently undertaking an Advanced Programme in Vet Nursing of Zoo and Exotic Species, which I am thoroughly enjoying and learning so much!

When I’m not working or studying, I’m Mum to a very spoilt rescue cat, and enjoy relaxing with a good book, movie, family time, and holidays!

10. Claire Moth (3)

Claire Moth

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Claire Moth bio

Qualified: MYF training, City and guilds level 3 Diploma Veterinary Nursing  - 2020

Joined The Team: October 2020

From a young age I have always been around all kinds of animals and I couldn’t think of anything else but to care for them. I studied a National Diploma in Horse Management and a Bsc Hons degree in Equine Studies whilst working at a pet store at the weekends. I went to South Africa on a 6 week conservation programme and worked with horses at a safari. I then worked at a country store as an equine specialist, whilst gaining my AMTRA ESQP qualification, to be able to advise on parasiticides for companion animals and equines.

My ambition was to work in a veterinary practice and care for sick animals, so I volunteered once a week at a small animal practice before becoming a veterinary care assistant. 

I then went to MYF training and studied the City and Guilds level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and became a Registered Veterinary Nurse. My area of interest is inpatient care and critical care nursing.

I like to go camping in the new forest, walking and horse riding. I own Crown, the Welsh pony, Maizie, the cat and Leo, the lion head rabbit.

6. Ashleigh Sawyer (3)

Ashleigh Sawyer

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Ashleigh Sawyer bio

Qualified: 2021 - Sparsholt College, Winchester

Joined team: January 2016

Growing up in South Africa, from a young age I have always loved having dogs to care for and I have always wanted to pursue a career in veterinary nursing. I started at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate as part of the reception team where I soon took on the role of veterinary care assistant.

Dogs and horses have always been a part of my family and I was keen to pursue my career working with small animals. I started my veterinary nursing course in 2018 and completed my journey, becoming a registered veterinary nurse in 2021.

Outside of work I enjoy outdoor activities such as horse riding and water sports.

12. Megan Jones (2)

Megan Jones

Student Veterinary Nurse

Read Megan Jones bio

Joined the team: January 2021

I am in my second year at university studying veterinary nursing and I am currently completing my years placement at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate.

I started my journey to becoming a veterinary nurse two years ago at Sparsholt College where I have learnt all the fundamentals of becoming a veterinary nurse. It wasn’t until I enrolled on a Geography university course in 2018 that I quickly realised my love and passion for caring for animals and left to peruse my future career as a veterinary nurse.

When not studying, or in the practice, I enjoy spending time with my cat and walking my two dogs down the beach.

8. Kirsty Whistler

Kirsty Whistler

Veterinary Care Assistant

Read Kirsty Whistler bio

Joined the team: February 2017
Level 2 NVQ Animal Care: 2004-2007
From the age of 7, I had an ambition to become a Veterinary Nurse. Following the completion of my NVQ I worked as an ANA at a local out of hours provider: I enjoyed all aspects of the role.
I particularly enjoy caring for our elderly patients and supporting our team with the day to day challenges they face.
I spend my free time with my family and enjoy horse riding when I can.

7. Kayley Bartlett

Kayley Bartlett

Veterinary Care Assistant

Read Kayley Bartlett bio

Qualifications: Diploma in Animal Care: 2005 – Sparsholt College, Winchester

I grew up with cats, rabbits and guinea pigs and from a very young age I knew I wanted to pursue a career working with animals. Following my work experience, I joined the team at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate on a voluntary basis and then became a part- time staff member in May 2002 while studying for my GCSEs.

I love doing the job I do now and I hope to undertake my nurses training once my children are a bit older. I have 2 rabbits and a cat, which thinks she is a dog, at home.

My two boys and partner keep me busy outside of work and we all enjoy going for bike rides and walks in the woods.

16. Rebecca_Stewart_badge

Rebecca Stewart

Veterinary Care Assistant

Read Rebecca Stewart bio

Joined the team: August 2021

I have learnt my previous jobs through work experience and volunteering, working my way through a livestock and exotics farm, a wildlife hospital and an RSPCA rehoming centre.

I have always wanted to work in a vet practice, to delve into a challenging environment where you are continuously learning and heavily involved in animal welfare, making sure that pets leave happier than when they came in. I love being rewarded with the knowledge that I helped an animal become happier and healthier.

Outside of my career I enjoy horse riding and photography, especially of wildlife and birds in particular.

Amalie Hadfield

Veterinary Care Assistant

Read Amalie Hadfield bio

Joined the team: August 2021

Growing up and living on my family farm, I have a great fondness for animals and have sadly seen many animals in pain and distress. Over the years, I have become more involved in their care. Everything that I have seen first hand has made me want to learn more about an animals' body and how better to treat their injuries and ailments. It is my goal to study Veterinary Medicine at University.

Outside of college, I spend most of my time on the farm, shepherding my flock of pedigree Wiltshire Horn Sheep and helping out with our herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle and Berkshire and Tamworth Pigs.

23. Ami Smith

Ami Smith

Veterinary Care Assistance

Read Ami Smith bio

Joined the team: October 2021

I’ve been a huge lover of animals since I was a child. I studied Animal Management specialising in veterinary nursing at Sparsholt College with an end goal of becoming a qualified veterinary nurse!

During Covid I took up roller skating and it’s now become a massive hobby of mine. I currently have 3 cats and a gorgeous Cockapoo called George!

1. Sue Leigh

Sue Leigh

Reception Manager

Read Sue Leigh bio

Joined the team: Jan 2019

I’ve always loved animals, especially exotics. I worked for HMRC for 20 years and was offered redundancy in 2008. This presented new opportunities enabling me to finally follow my dream and work with animals. I spent a short time at Marwell Zoo & Sparhsolt College before joining Companion Care, Southampton in December 2008. I completed the Animal Nursing Assistant course in 2011, passing with credit. I also hold certificates in Rabbit Care & Behaviour, Pet Bereavement, Microchipping etc.

I started Southampton Rabbit Rescue back in 2000 after the loss of a very special bunny. The word soon spread and 1 rabbit needing rescue soon became 2, then 3. That was 18 years ago. We now concentrate on looking after sick and disabled rabbits and are currently home to 23. I have joined Companion Care Vets, Fareham Park Gate as Reception Manager/VCA on a part time basis.

4. Sandra Kellow

Sandra Kellow


Read Sandra Kellow bio

Joined the team: October 2010

After 18 years of working in wholesale environment, I felt it was time for a career change.

Being an animal lover, I couldn’t think of a better job than working a veterinary surgery. In my spare time, I am kept busy with my cats and horses, and I enjoy running a local livery yard.

3. Lisa Atkinson

Lisa Atkinson


Read Lisa Atkinson bio

Joined the team: July 2010

Prior to working at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate, I previously worked for a Wholesalers and served in the Women's Royal Naval Service.

Since joining the team, I have studied for, and passed, my Level 3 Veterinary Practice Receptionist Certificate.

I love rabbits and have two house rabbits that are very cheeky and get up to all kinds of mischief together.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, paddle boarding (in the summer) and reading.

6. Maureen Owens

Maureen Owen


Read Maureen Owen bio

Joined the team: August 2018

I grew up on a farm and was always surrounded by animals. My love is for large dogs. I currently have a Saint Bernard, but I also own a Siamese cat. While young we had all sorts (rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, dogs and cats).

My Paternal grandfather had a small dairy farm and my maternal grandfather was a Gamekeeper. I was always in trouble for spoiling his highly trained gundogs. I retired from full time work in April 2018 after working for a global manufacturing company for 11 years. I was a Customer Service Executive dealing with exporting materials to mainly Middle East and Africa. Prior to this I worked for B&Q, also in a customer service role. Originally I worked in the food and beverage Industry and am a trained Chef.

After a few months off work I was getting bored so applied for a part time position at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate where I love meeting all of your animals and having a chat.

8. Alana Lawson

Alana Lawson


Read Alana Lawson bio

It took me a while to realise what I truly loved doing - before working at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate I was a hairdresser! As much as I enjoyed this creative lifestyle, I felt this wasn't my path so I took a leap of faith and decided to change my career!
In my spare time I started volunteering for the RSPCA as an Animal Care Assistant. I soon realised this was something I loved ...being in the company of animals. This brings me peace and happiness! I always grew up with Siamese Cats - and recently Tonkinese too! They are so loving and sociable. In the past I rehomed three rescue rabbits, each had their own personality, especially Mrs Bunner; she was my world!
During my spare time you'll find me wrapped up in a fluffy blanket watching TV series, going to the cinema or ghost hunts!

Helen Gover

Helen Gover


Read Helen Gover bio

Joined the team: June 2021

I have always loved animals and first started working in the veterinary industry when I was 16, as a Saturday helper in a first opinion practice. I was then given the opportunity to become a full time member of staff and went on to qualify as a Veterinary Care Assistant in 2015.

I spent three years working within a veterinary specialists in a big referral practice, working with a large team whose specialisms included neurology, internal medicine and cardiology, to name a few. Although I enjoyed working in this busy environment I have missed the excitement of first opinion.

Outside of work I love to walk my crazy cocker spaniel and ride horses.

Breden Fourie cropped

Brenden Fourie

Practice Manager

Read Brenden Fourie bio

Joined the team: February 2021

After completing my education degree at the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, I taught for awhile and also worked as a marketing representative whilst pursuing a professional cricket career which included several stints in the UK. When I stopped playing cricket professionally in 2007, I became the general manager of the East London Golf Club for 13 years. My family and I relocated to the UK in late 2020 (my wife is English) and I started working at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate in February 2021.

In South Africa, we had a male dog called Cinnamon (named by my girls) but, unfortunately, we had to leave him behind. Outside of work, I enjoy playing golf and cricket, going to the beach and spending time with my family.

20. Helen O'Keeffe

Helen O'Keeffe


Read Helen O'Keeffe bio

Joined the team: November 2021

I have worked in food retail for 20 years however, my passion has always been to work within the animal industry. When the opportunity came up to work at Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate, I grabbed it with both hands and absolutely love it - no two days are ever the same.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and my 3 crazy springer spaniels who keep me on my toes.

Welcome to Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate

Companion Care Vets Fareham Park Gate is situated inside the Pets at Home store on Southampton Road opposite B&Q. We are a veterinary surgery that is dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible care, including diagnostics and surgery. We are committed to providing access to state of the art veterinary equipment ensuring that we can deliver the highest quality of service to your pets, meeting both you and your pet’s requirements. Our team of vets and nurses are compassionate and knowledgeable experts who will include you in the decision making process to keep your “best friends” healthy and happy. 

We form part of a family of veterinary surgeries which include Companion Care Vets PortsmouthCompanion Care Vets Fareham CollingwoodHavant Vets4Pets and Waterlooville Vets4Pets all of which have onsite parking available.

Please note calls are recorded for monitoring and training purposes.


Written prescription service

Complaints procedure



  • Emergency cover
    Even if we are closed, we have your pet covered.
  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Endoscopy
    An endoscope is a long tube connected to a light source and video camera that sends real time images to a television screen for viewing. Endoscopy is the use of an endoscope within internal structures and organs of the body. The endoscope can be inserted through natural openings such as the mouth, nose or rectum to reach the structure of interest.

Show more services

  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • ECG
    ECG is also available to keep your pet's heart healthy.
  • Ultrasound
    Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.
  • Haematology
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • Tonopen (measures eye pressure)
    Measures your pet's eye pressure.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • X-Ray
    Generates digital 2D images of bones and internal organs.
  • Pet Passport
    Trained Official Veterinarian vets to issue Pet Passports, Fit to Fly letters and rabies serology tests.
  • Nurse Clinic
    Appointments with a highly qualified nurse which can cover anything from nutrition and fitness advice, grooming techniques, to pet socialisation classes.
  • Hospital Ward
    Suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients.
  • Exotic Pet
    Can see a range of patients, from small animals through to reptiles.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment and prevention of dental disease
  • Cardiology
  • Lungworm Testing
    Diagnostic tests to see if a pet has lungworm. Available as a blood or fecal test
  • Rabbit Medicine and Testing
    Rabbit Medicine and Testing
  • Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
    Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery

Practice accreditations

  • RCVS accreditation EDITED
  • Rabbit friendly vet logo SILVER 2019



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