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Vac4Life is a preventative plan following primary vaccinations which includes annual booster vaccinations, an annual health check with your vet and an annual health check with a veterinary nurse.

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Vaccinations and health checks
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  • Booster vaccinations
  • Annual vet check

Please note: Vac4Life is only available at participating Vets4Pets and Companion Care surgeries. *Vac4Life Terms & conditions apply. Vac4Life is for pets vaccinated within the last 30 days. Initial vaccination course is payable separately. Please ask in practice for the full range of vaccinations included and for more details.

Vaccination FAQ's

Unfortunately it is impossible to fully protect your pet from exposure to diseases. Pets can escape; some diseases can live in soil on boots and be brought into the house; cattery or kennel stays can expose pets to other animals, and wildlife such as rats can enter homes.

While an indoor pet is safer from disease exposure than an outdoor pet there are advantages to outdoor access in terms of welfare and, while house rabbits and cats can do well indoors, all dogs need outdoor exercise as part of their regular routine. 

Full vaccination provides protection in all circumstances – safest all round! 

There is good evidence that the vast majority of dogs are protected against viral distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus for three years after the primary course of vaccinations.  Similar data exists for panleukopaenia in cats, and for this reason our vets have carefully selected vaccines that allow extended intervals between vaccinations against these diseases.

However, leptospirosis in dogs and feline leukaemia virus in cats are both endemic (everywhere) in the UK. Sadly, protection from these vaccines does not last much beyond 12 months - that is why revaccination against these diseases is recommended on an annual basis. 

This means if you look at your vaccination card you’ll see that, while your dog or cat has vaccinations every year, it won’t always be against the same diseases.

Titre testing (blood testing) is available for checking a dog's antibody levels against the core viral diseases at all of our clinics upon request (there is no effective test for leptospirosis). This carries an additional cost above vaccination and involves a blood sample being taken.

An annual visit to the vets also means a chance for a full top to tail health check, giving you and your vet the chance to spot any brewing problems early. Another great reason to get your vaccination appointment booked!

You’ll be pleased to hear that clinical developments have meant that there is now a new vaccination available for your rabbit, Nobivac Myxo RHD Plus, which offers your pet protection against the three main rabbit diseases in one annual injection instead of two.

If you would like your rabbit to have these additional benefits and move on to Nobivac Myxo RHD Plus then there may be an additional cost dependent on their vaccination history. This will be logged on your rabbit’s vaccination card. This cost will be in addition to their Vac4Life plan.

Please speak to your vet to understand what is best for your pet. Should you choose to move to an annual Nobivac Myxo RHD Plus vaccination then it may be more cost effective to move to our Complete Care Health Plan.

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