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Vac4Life Health Plan


Protect your pet with lifetime booster vaccinations for just £99*   

For pets vaccinated within the last 30 days

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Just £99* for lifetime vaccination protection for your pet

Please note: Vac4Life is only available at participating Companion Care and Vets4Pets Surgeries.

At Companion Care we offer a range of pet Health Plans that are designed to help keep your pet in good health for life. 

Vac4Life is a preventative plan following primary vaccinations which includes annual booster vaccinations, an annual health check with your vet and an annual health check with a veterinary nurse. 

These regular visits give us the opportunity to monitor the general health of your pet and notice those often subtle changes, catching potentially life-threatening conditions early, while they’re still treatable.

Once in a lifetime payment!

  • A one-off payment of just £99*
  • Annual booster vaccinations for life 
  • An annual vet health check when your pet has their booster 
  • An additional annual health check with a veterinary nurse 6 months after the booster

*Vac4Life Terms & conditions apply. Vac4Life is for pets vaccinated within the last 30 days. Initial vaccination course is payable separately. Please ask in practice for the full range of vaccinations included and for more details.