Coping with Firework Season | Companion Care
rabbit in hutch

Rabbits And Guinea Pigs And Fireworks

Keep your rabbits and guinea pigs stress free during the fireworks season

Signs to look out for include:

  • Stamping their back legs
  • Restlessness or just staying motionless
  • Attempting to escape or hide
  • Aggression
  • Grinding their teeth
  • Reduced appetite - this can be very dangerous in rabbits and guinea pigs!
  • Change in toileting habits

If you have any questions at all, speak to a vet or nurse at your local Companion Care.

More about rabbits and guinea pigs and fireworks

It is a good idea to bring the hutch inside, if you can. Choose a quiet room or alternatively an unused garage or shed. If this is not possible you can partly cover hutches with blankets to provide some soundproofing and to block out the flashes of light. You can try to soundproof your house by closing windows and drawing curtains. Playing relaxing music or watching TV can also help to muffle the loud bangs To help your rabbits or guinea pigs feel comfortable provide an extra safe and easily accessible place available in their hutch or cage to hide inside. This could be a cardboard box with holes cut in and plenty of bedding to burrow in.
Both rabbits and guinea pigs are social animals and should be kept with a companion they are familiar with. Introducing a new companion should always be done in a controlled and safe way but having a friend can help reduce your pet’s fireworks stress. Remember not to mix rabbits and guinea pigs though. Unfortunately there are no synthetic pheromones available for rabbits or guinea pigs to reduce stress-related behaviour like the ones for cats and dogs.
  • Bring the hutch inside if possible or cover with blankets
  • Close the curtains and turn on the TV or play music to muffle the sound of the fireworks and block out the light flashes
  • Never leave rabbits or guinea pigs in outdoor runs, make sure they are safely in their hutches/cages
  • Ensure your furry friends have an extra safe area in their hutch or cage to hide away in and a companion they are familiar with
  • Consider distracting your pet by giving them a new toy and offering their favourite food
  • Ensure your rabbit is microchipped in case they escape and get lost.