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Food for Thought

Talk to your vet about the best nutrition for your pet, to keep them happy and healthy, throughout their lives.

With the exception of some reptiles, we all feed our pets every single day. 

We know how important what we eat is to human health, but did you know what you feed your pet is just as important? 1.3 million tonnes of pet food is sold in the UK every year, and with hundreds of options to choose from, it can be a minefield for pet owners. 

Just like in human health, we know the nutrition in the food we give our pets support every part of their bodies, allows them to grow and develop, and can even support management of many health conditions. 

We are here to help. Talk to your vet about the right nutrition for your pet, to keep them happy and healthy, throughout their lives. 

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What food should I feed my...

Select your pet type below to see our handy guide on what to feed your pet


Choosing a food suitable for your dog is one of the first decisions you will have to make. Is wet or dry food better for your dog? Home-cooked or raw diets? How often should I feed my dog?
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There are so many factors to consider when feeding your cat - where should I feed my cat? How often should I feed my cat? Can I give my cat milk? What if my cat is being fed elsewhere? Read our handy guide on feeding your cat for more information.
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Nutrition is important in any species, but in none more than the rabbit. Most of the common rabbit health problems can be avoided, or at least the risk reduced, by good nutrition and it is actually very easy to provide! Read our advice on what to feed your rabbit.
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Small furry

Getting nutrition right for our smallest pets is as important as for our biggest. Nutritional health can be overlooked for some small pets, so check below to make sure you’re providing your littlest family member with everything they need.
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Food provides the building blocks for everything that happens in your fish’s body and is also important for water quality.
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Reptiles are an amazing and diverse group. This means that they have a large range of requirements when it comes to their diet. Some, like tortoises, are vegetarians – a world away from the sporadic, meat-only dietary pattern of a large boa snake!
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Getting the right nutrition is a key part of keeping our birds feeling chirpy. There are many species of captive bird in the UK, all with their own individual needs. We have outlined the basic dietary requirements of some of the most common pet birds
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Your pet's body condition

Just like people, dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes, and weight alone is not a good measure to see if your pet is healthy. By looking at your pet’s overall shape, and getting ‘hands on’, you can get a much better idea of whether your pet is doing well, needs to put weight on, or if they might be carrying a few extra kilograms.
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Pet poisons

Unfortunately, despite being an intrinsic part of our human families, our pets are completely different species. This means many of the things we can tolerate or take pleasure in, as humans, can be damaging or even fatal to them.
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