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two rabbits eating hay

Housing Your Rabbit

How to give your rabbit the home it deserves

Unless you live in a stately home, it’s unlikely that you can offer your rabbit the kind of home environment they would have in the wild! So when you choose how to house your rabbit, it’s important to remember that even if your space is limited, your pet must be able to hop around as well as keep warm, dry and well fed.

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The traditional home for pet rabbits has always been a hutch kept outside with access to a grass run. The hutch must be sheltered from the wind and rain, but don’t forget that they also need to offer protection from the sun in the summer. Whether it’s inside or out, cover the hutch floor with hay or straw, and make space for a food bowl, litter tray and water bottle.
A hutch isn’t the only good home for a rabbit. Lots of pet owners like to keep their rabbit as a house pet, with a free run of the house just like a dog or cat. They will usually even learn to use a litter tray! Remember though that you will need to make sure the environment is really safe, and be aware of the increased risk of escape, or damage to walls, furniture and wiring.
With so much room to roam around in the wild, it’s important to give domestic rabbits plenty of space in which to hop around. If your rabbit can’t move around enough, it can lead to serious health problems and sheer boredom. If you notice your bunny over-grooming or chewing its enclosure, it could be a sign that they need more space and stimulation.