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Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Is there anything more exciting than bringing your new puppy home for the very first time?

Bringing your puppy home for the first time is a really exciting time for the whole family, but can be a very scary experience for your puppy. Don’t forget, their whole world has just changed! Making the day as relaxed as possible for them will help them settle in faster, and help prevent any fear or anxiety from developing.

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Make sure you have a safe crate to bring your puppy home in. You can spray this with pheromones to help it feel like a secure environment, and make sure it is lined with something absorbent in case of any little accidents.

While travelling, keep things calm in the car. It can be tempting to get your puppy out, but letting them settle in their safe carrier is best and safest for the journey. You may want to cover the carrier with a light blanket to keep it dark as this can help calm your puppy, and if you have any blankets or toys that smell familiar, placing these in the crate can be soothing. 

Ask whoever you are getting your puppy from what they have been eating, and what their favourite toys and blankets are. If you can get a sample to bring home, all the better! Anything that feels familiar will help your puppy settle in at home, and if it smells familiar too that will be even more reassuring.

If you get the opportunity to do this ahead of time, this is recommended. This will give you time to stock up on what your dog is used to. You can also take toys and/or blankets for your puppy and leave them with the breeder or rescue for a few days before you pick up your puppy, to bring back with you on moving day.

Get your puppy paperwork signed by your breeder or rescue centre.

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When you get your new puppy home, start by popping them into the garden for a toilet opportunity – if they go, give them lots of praise and a treat! It’s never too soon to start.

Once you are inside, place your puppy in their crate in their pre-prepared area with the door open – they will come out to explore in their own time! While you may need to move your pup around a lot at first, it is a good general rule to avoid picking up puppies unless you need to – for example to whisk them outside for a wee!

If you have children, restrict access to your new puppy at first. Just like human babies, puppies need lots of rest. Play time is great, but try and keep it to just a handful of short sessions through the day, and keep an eye on both puppy and children to make sure play is safe. 

If you already have a dog, managing their relationship is key to a happy home. Have a look at our dedicated page for how to introduce dogs to each other, to help you keep the peace!

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