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Grooming Dogs

Our furry best friends deserve to look their best, and spending time grooming them can be a wonderful bonding experience for owners.

Dogs come with lots of different coat types. Short, long, medium, curly or straight. All of them would benefit from a brush, some more often than others.

The majority of dogs shed their coats over the years, but you’ll often notice this more in the summer and so this is a key time to get grooming your pets to help remove all that dead undercoat as the fresh fur grows through. This can help prevent a build-up of grease and underlying skin issues from developing.

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Whilst grooming, it also means that you can be checking for lumps, bumps or parasites such as fleas and ticks. Especially in the long coated breeds, these can all be missed during day to day activities but if you’re able to get into a regular grooming habit you’ll quickly notice anything unusual.

The ideal time to start getting your dog used to grooming, is when they’re a puppy but that doesn’t mean you can't start now with an adult dog. The trick is little and often, and go slowly with them.

Start by letting your dog sniff the brush or comb and use a reassuring voice so they know it’s nothing to be scared of. The use of treats can come in very useful here. Once your dog has had a good sniff of the brush, gently run it over their back and down their legs whilst constantly talking to them.

It should be an enjoyable experience for both of you, and a grooming session that leads to stress is something we want to avoid! If your dog starts to show any signs of discomfort or is no longer tolerating the grooming then it’s best to stop, rest and start again when you’re both ready. Always end any grooming session with lots of praise and perhaps produce their favourite toy at the end as a reward.

How often you groom your dog will depend on their type of coat. Some dogs only need grooming once a week, others daily. If you need any advice on grooming, have a chat with your vet or vet nurse at your next visit.

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There’s lots of choice available when it comes to grooming brushes for dogs. Some focus on removing the underlying “dead” fur, whilst others are for the simple smoothing of the upper layers of fur. Your choice will often depend on what type of coat your dog has.

There’s a really good guide produced by our friends at Pets at Home about how to choose the best brush or comb for your dog. Click here to take a look.

The Groom Room

Did you know that our friends over at The Groom Room have a wide range of grooming options available, including full body styling, a wide range of spa upgrades, puppy grooming, bath, brush and blow dry or for those times when you just need a nail clip? 

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