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Dog Breeds

Each breed has different characteristics, find out more below.

Dog Breeds

Traditionally courageous and tenacious, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or Staffies, are often seen as the ideal family dog. Bold, fearless and reliable, these powerful little dogs are very intelligent and affectionate and especially good with children. Staffies are always on the go and love to play. 

Typical height: 36 to 41cm

Typical weight: 11 to 17kg 

Coat: Smooth haired, very little grooming required. 

Colour: Red, fawn, white, black or blue, or one of these colours with white.  

Jack Russell Terriers are lively, alert and active with a keen and intelligent expression. Bold and self-assured, they have a friendly character which makes them great companions.  

Typical height: 25 to 30cm

Typical weight: 5 to 6kg

Coat: Can be smooth, rough or wiry.  Grooming is required monthly unless they go somewhere mucky!

Colour: Mainly white with black and/or tan markings

Labrador retrievers are good-tempered, very agile and active dogs with an excellent sense of smell, a soft mouth and a passion for water. These loyal and easygoing dogs make wonderful companions. Intelligent, keen and biddable, with a strong need to please, they are naturally friendly and lacking in aggression. Although famous for their retrieving skills, Labradors are highly versatile service dogs, working in various fields such as guide or search and rescue dogs.  However, their most popular job is as a family pet.  

Typical height: 55 to 57cm

Typical weight: 25 to 35kg

Coat: Short and dense with water resistant undercoat.

Colour: Completely black, yellow or chocolate brown

The German Shepherd also known as an Alsatian was originally based on herding dog varieties from Central and Southern Germany. Nowadays, a good German Shepherd is even tempered, well-balanced and self-assured. They are vigilant and docile, courageous, sturdy of character and instinctively ready to guard. This long list of qualities makes them good companions and protectors, and excellent guard and herding dogs. 

Typical height: 55 to 65cm

Typical weight: 25 to 40kg

Coat: Long rough-haired

Colour: Black and tan

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are proud miniature lions with a fabulous all-over mane! Although very cute, they are terriers through and through and will display their feisty character to the full if raised to be a confident dog through socialisation with a variety of different experiences. These active and intelligent companion dogs are full of gusto but naturally even-tempered.

Typical height: 18 to 20cm

Typical weight: 2 to 3kg

Coat: Long, perfectly straight, glossy and fine.

Colour: Dark steel blue from the base of the neck to the tail with a fawn head

Did you know...

A Yorkie’s hair is exceptionally fine and long, it never stops growing and doesn't moult!

Border Collies are renowned throughout the world for their amazing sheep herding skills. They have a reputation for tenacity, hard work and obedience. They are very intelligent dogs and when not looking after sheep, they enjoy a variety of activities from flyball, agility and obedience to dog dancing! 

Typical height: approx 53cm

Typical weight: 14 to 20kg

Coat: Dense topcoat of medium texture and a soft, tight undercoat

Colours: Black and white is the most common but border collies can be all colours but white is never their main colour

Did you know...

When Collies run, their feet stay very close to the ground, creating the impression that they are moving with great stealth and speed.

West highland white terrier dog standing

Small, active, game and hardy with a mischievous look in their eyes, West Highland Terriers or Westies have a healthy dose of self-esteem.  Alert, cheerful, brave and independent, but affectionate all the same, we love these little guys! 

Typical height: 28cm

Typical weight: 7 to 10kg

Coat: Furry undercoat of short soft hair with a topcoat of straight hair about 5cm long.

Colour: White

Did you know...

According to the breed history, Westies originated as a result of a hunting accident when Col. Edward Malcolm of Poltalloch accidentally killed one of his dogs mistaking it for a fox. After that, the dogs were bred to be white so that the same mistake could not be made again.

English Cocker Spaniels are naturally cheerful constant tail wagging dogs. These gentle and affectionate dogs love to follow a trail and are truly happy when they’re on the go. Belonging to the gundog group, cocker spaniels are used in field and agility trials, obedience competitions and of course as companions. 

Typical height: 38 to 41cm

Typical weight: 12.5 to 14.5kg

Coat: Flat and silky

Colour: A whole variety of colours including: solid colours of black, red, orange and brown, combinations of black with white, liver with white, red and white, blue roan, orange roans, black roans, particolours and tricolours.

Shih Tzus have been called the flower of Tibet. Intelligent, active and lively, these good-natured companions can be quite independent but they enjoy learning and like to please. 

Typical height: 27cm

Typical weight: 4.5 to 8kg

Coat: Long, dense hair with a good under-coat.

Colour: The coat comes in a variety of colours including black, gold, grey, silver, red, beige and brindle, all these colours can have white with them.

Did you know...

Shih Tzus were originally kept by the Emperor as a court dog in China.

Tricolour spaniel puppy sitting on white background

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are sporting, affectionate and absolutely fearless. Their cheerful, friendly nature, free of any aggression has made these dogs very popular. They have a particularly gentle expression with big dark sad eyes that melt your heart. 

Typical weight: 30 to 33cm

Typical weight: 5 to 8kg

Coat: Long and silky. Can be wavy but not curly.

Colour: Black and tan, Ruby, Blenheim or Tricolour. 

Did you know?

In the past, this breed was known as a 'comforte dog' and doctors even wrote prescriptions with this little dog as the remedy!