Health Plan Summary | Complete Care for Rabbits | Companion Care

Complete Care (Rabbit)

Annual vaccinations

Annual Booster Vaccination and a health check with your veterinary surgeon.

  • Vaccination is provided for myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease types 1 + 2.
  • Vaccination may not be appropriate for rabbits with illness or health concerns. Your veterinary surgeon will discuss with you any concerns regarding the suitability of vaccination for your pet.
  • Plan includes the cost of annual booster vaccination only; additional fees may be incurred to restore vaccine protection if the interval between vaccinations exceeds your vet's recommendations.

Complete Care (Rabbit)

Parasite protection

Seasonal protection against Flystrike (Spring & Summer)

  • Parasite risks and recommended treatments vary according to patient factors and lifestyle.
  • Your veterinary surgeon will prescribe a suitable treatment protocol to provide seasonal protection against fly strike.


Complete Care (Rabbit)

Vet Consultations

One additional standard veterinary consultation (in addition to the veterinary health check at the time of vaccination visit).

  • Includes the cost of a routine consultation fee for routine Veterinary consultations with a veterinary surgeon only.
  • This benefit component does not include emergency, out-of-hours, or non-standard veterinary consultations.
  • Further consultations, diagnostic tests or prescribed treatments/medications are charged at normal rates.

Complete Care (Rabbit)

Nurse consultations

Up to three standard nurse consultations, including weight checks and routine nail clips.

  • Includes the cost of a routine consultation with a veterinary nurse.
  • This benefit component does not include emergency or out-of-hours nurse consultations.
  • Charges for additional services and/or medications will apply for non-routine or non-standard procedures (including, but not limited to, a patient requiring additional restraint or sedation to facilitate a nail clip).

Complete Care (Rabbit)

24/7 Vet Careline

  • The Complete Care 24/7 Vet Careline provides round-the-clock access to the team of veterinary experts via a phone or video call to help with any additional questions, concerns or advice you might have about your pet. Unlimited calls available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You will have access to a 24/7 support line for general care and advice in relation to your pet. The careline can be used for advice and reassurance as an extension to your local practice team. Where a physical examination by your vet or treatment is necessary the careline team will refer you back to your practice within a reasonable period.
  • The careline is not suitable for use in emergency situations where your pet is in need of urgent medical care. In these circumstances you should contact your practice (or your practice’s out of hours veterinary services provider) directly.
  • In order to access this service you may be required to provide certain information to the careline team. This information will include your name, address, email address, phone number, pet details (name, breed, concern) and confirmation of your current health plan. Neither your practice, the careline services provider nor any member of the Pets at Home Group will be responsible for any delay in the supply of services or failure to supply any part of them where such delay/failure is caused by your failure to provide such information within a reasonable time of asking or any error or inaccuracy in the information provided by you.
  • The careline services are supplied by VetsDirect Limited a company registered in Scotland (company registration number SC230445) whose registered office is at 4 Atlantic Quay, 70 York Street, Glasgow. By using the careline services you consent to the processing of your personal information in accordance with VetsDirect Limited’s Privacy policy which can be found

Complete Care (Rabbit)

Neutering discounts

RABBITS:       £10 off the cost of any routine surgical castration or spay procedure.

  • The above discounts shall be applied to the full price of the castration or spay (where the “full price” is the list price on the day of the appointment). The full price may depend on the species, weight and sex of your pet and is subject to change in the event of any complications and/or operating on non-descended testicle(s).

Complete Care (Rabbit)


Microchip for just £10 (if required)

  • Includes microchip, implantation, and initial cost of registration.