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Care4Life health plan

A personalised care and treatment

plan for dogs and cats with

lifelong conditions

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Providing you & your pet with the support you need…

Care4Life is a bespoke plan for your dog or cat with one of the following lifelong conditions: 

  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • KCS (commonly referred to as Dry Eye)
  • MVD (Mitral Valve Disease)

Just like humans, a pet with a lifelong medical condition can need time and extra support to get them into the best routine to help keep them well and stable. We’re here to support you in caring for your pet at every stage of this journey, from first diagnosis through to working towards an ongoing maintenance plan.

What help will I need?

Every pet will cope differently with living with a lifelong condition, which is why the clinical advice and treatment that you will receive has to be personalised at every step. This is led by your vet at all times and can also involve other expert members of the team along the way. What’s needed will be clearly explained and we’ll discuss the right care and treatment plan to give your pet the best quality of life. 

How does Care4Life work?

The Care4Life plan is designed to work at the different levels of clinical care and treatment that your pet might need. Your vet will work with you to develop a bespoke plan for your pet that will include regular check-ups, tests, medication and supplements – all covered by one monthly direct debit payment. 

In addition to that, we’ve also created an easy “top-up” option that can be used to react quickly to a change in your pet’s condition. 

The monthly cost associated with each level and what’s included in this will be discussed with you by your vet, as will any top-up to a treatment plan. 

If a top-up payment is needed in between your usual monthly payment, this can be paid in the surgery. 


Support when you're at home

Your pet is such a well-loved part of your family, so dealing with a lifelong condition can be a very worrying time. As well as the advice and support on hand from the surgery team,  you will also find lots of useful information on our website that you can digest in the comfort of your home.

Often understanding what is happening to your pet and why, means you feel better prepared to help them.

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Save at least 15%** on care & prescribed treatments

Care4Life is unique and has been designed specifically to be flexible around your pets condition, allowing you to switch between condition modules if your pet’s condition changes over time. 

The plan provides discounts on prescribed drugs and tests, alongside your routine consultations included within your core module. 

By making your pets lifelong care more affordable and convenient, we can help you provide the best care for your pet for as long as possible. 

**with the exception of Mitral Valve Disease where you can save at least 10%. Saving is compared to buying the same treatments individually and compared to prices within the Pets at Home Vet Group. 

Care4Life is currently available at the participating practices only.

* Promoted by Pets at Home Vet Group Limited, Epsom Avenue SK9 3RN. Terms and conditions including exclusions apply.