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The Vet Report

The Pets at Home Vet Group, made up of Vets4Pets and Companion Care are pleased to welcome you to the first edition of The Vet Report.

Welcome to the Vet Report

The third in a series of annual publications, The Vet Report is aimed at raising understanding and awareness of current affairs in pet health amongst pet owners and the general public.
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Obesity is currently one of the most serious welfare

problems affecting pets, with an estimated one in

three dogs, one in four cats and one in four rabbits

considered as either overweight or obese.

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When your vet tells you that your pet needs to have a

general anaesthetic it is only natural to be concerned, but you should not worry unduly. Every day thousands of pets undergo anaesthesia, with over 99 per cent experiencing  no major problems at all.

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The Antibiotic Problem

Whilst there are many patients who do need antibiotics to help them get better, there are too many instances where a pet is prescribed an antibiotic for a clinical problem that is rarely, if ever, 

caused by a bacterial infection

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When deciding what is best for your pet it is vital to balance the benefits of vaccination against  the risks. For the majority of pets the benefits far outweigh the risks

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Cat Lifestyles

Keeping a cat successfully indoors requires a motivated owner who can provide opportunities for play, exploration and expression of natural behaviours

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Vet Report Updates

Updates on Alabama Rot and Microchipping 

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Vet Report 2015

The second in a series of annual publications, The Vet Report 2015 included Why visit the vet, Territorial Agression, Lungworm, Diabetes and Rabbit diets. 

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The first in a series of annual publications, The Vet Report 2014 included Microchipping, Feline TB, Alabama Rot, Reptile Care and an overview of the UK's pet population.

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