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Treats and supplements

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Treats and Supplements

High fat or starchy treats should be avoided completely as they can lead to obesity and digestive upsets. These include honey sticks, beans, peas, corn, bread, breakfast cereal, biscuits, nuts, seeds, crisps and chocolate.

What many find surprising is that root vegetables, such as carrots, and fruit should also be regarded as treats. They should only be fed in limited quantities, as they are high in simple sugars, low in fibre and can lead to digestive disturbance and teeth problems.

The best treats to feed are healthy snacks such as small amounts of a favourite vegetable or herb. If the correct treats are chosen, they can provide your rabbits with an extra source of fibre. Dietary supplements (e.g. vitamin and mineral powders) are not generally necessary if the correct diet is fed. They should be used only under the direction of a veterinary surgeon.