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Getting the right insurance for your rabbit....

Keep your rabbit covered

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Keep your rabbit covered

Anyone who has a pet rabbit should expect their animal to fall ill from time to time, and that usually means paying for treatment. Serious illness or injury can be expensive to treat, so it’s very important to ensure the costs are covered with a good insurance policy. As well as medical bills, most policies also give third party cover so if your rabbit causes an accident, you are protected against claims.

Lifelong policies

When you’re shopping around, you may notice that some policies only pay out for 12 months after a condition is diagnosed. If your rabbit has a lifelong condition like diabetes or arthritis, this could mean the bills soon add up. To guard against this, look for a ‘lifelong’ policy – but check whether the total amount that can be claimed is a total for the life of your pet, or an amount that renews each year.

Policy excess

Most insurance policies have a ‘policy excess’. This is the sum that you will have to pay towards each claim. Make sure you’re happy that the excess you will have to pay on your chosen policy is a sum that you’ll be able to cover comfortably. For instance, if your vet bill was £200 and your policy had an excess of £50, you would pay £50 and the insurance company would pay £150.