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Why it's important to neuter your pet...

Stopping unwanted puppies isn't the only reason for neutering

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It is your responsibility

Unless you are planning to breed from your dog, we recommend that it should be neutered as soon as it’s old enough – around six months old for both male and female dogs.

In males, the operation removes the testicles. In females, the operation is sometimes called ‘spaying’, and involves removing the ovaries and uterus.

Health Benefits

The most obvious result of neutering or spaying your dog is that it helps prevent unwanted puppies, but there are other health benefits too. It reduces the risk of some types of cancer, and even completely removes the risk of others. 

Older female dogs that haven’t been spayed are at risk of a potentially fatal condition called pyometra – an infection of the womb.


Neutering your dog can help to reduce aggression, reduce possessiveness over toys and food and reduce the territorial behaviour that could cause it to harass or attack visitors.

The procedure will also reduce your pet’s instinct to roam in search of a mate, and that means there’s much less chance of it getting lost.

Performing the procedure

Whether your dog is male or female, it will need to visit the vet in order to have the operation. It’s one of the most common procedures we carry out at Companion Care; most owners bring their dog in the morning and collect it in the afternoon. Avoid giving your dog food on the day of the operation, but it can drink water as normal.