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Class IV Laser Therapy

Fast, simple, pain-free, and highly-effective treatment for your pet.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is the use of a high-strength far-red and infra-red light beam to:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase circulation to a problem area (bringing oxygen and nutrients, taking away waste)
  • Accelerate tissue healing and repair 

Why not meet George?... this short video will show you more about laser treatment - and how it put the spring back into George’s step!

When is laser therapy helpful for pets?

Laser therapy can help any pet with an illness or injury that would benefit from reduced pain, reduced inflammation, better circulation or accelerated healing. Common uses include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Post-operative pain and wound healing
  • Hot spots (also known as acute moist dermatitis)
  • Bone and cartilage repair
  • Skin wounds 
  • Sprains and strains 
  • Healing after major surgery
  • Ligament and tendon conditions

Does laser therapy work?

Laser treatment is safe, highly effective and side-effect free… in fact, most pets thoroughly enjoy their treatment sessions.  

Laser therapy is also safe to use alongside most other medical and physical treatments.

Does my pet need to see the Vet to have laser therapy?

If you think your pet may benefit from laser therapy then please do contact us to discuss your pet’s problems and how laser treatment may help.  

Your pet does not have to be registered with us to receive treatment.  (Although please note, if your pet is actively undergoing treatment for a problem with another Veterinary Practice, we may need their confirmation and consent before laser treatment can be given).