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What our behaviour centre can offer you 

Our in-house Canine Behaviourist

Kiran Brice

"I have been a Canine Behaviour Counsellor for over 20 years and have been employed by Companion Care Vets for the past 10 years as a full time puppy and dog behaviour expert. I am a charter member of the Institute of Animal Care Education and a full member of the Association of pet dog trainers. I have worked locally with the Dogs Trust, RSPCA, PACT and Crostwick re homing kennels and have lectured countrywide to Police dog sections, Association of Pet behaviour Counsellors and local housing associations on various dog related subjects. I also have experience in training dogs for TV work and modelling."

Behaviour consultations

Dog Behaviour consultation is usually warranted for specific problems that cannot be dealt with in a regular dog or puppy training class, such behaviours would include Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Destruction and Anti Social behaviours.

Most behaviour consultations begin with a referral from your veterinary surgeon; this is important because any possible underlying clinical causes should be explored before behavioural therapy starts.

Following this, an appointment can be made for your consultation with Kiran Brice our dog behaviour specialist either at your nearest Companion Care surgery or at your home depending on which you prefer. The consultation will last approximately one hour, during which time your pet will be thoroughly assessed and an appropriate behaviour/training modification programme will be advised.

Following your appointment, your referring veterinary surgeon will be informed about the advice that you have been given and you will be able to contact Kiran for continued free support for your pet’s problem via email and telephone for as long as you require. Follow up sessions can be arranged if needed afterwards depending on the type and severity of the behaviour. It is a good idea to check if your pet insurance policy will cover behaviour consultations, many do! However, the initial consultation fee is £105 with free follow up via phone and email. We also offer a home visit Behavioural consultation for £160.  

Want to train your pet from home?

Virtual behaviour training is now available so that you can train your dog from the comfort of your own home. To take advantage of this service you will need a computer with a camera or a smart phone or tablet. Vitual training sessions can be held over SKYPE or Facetime. Our behaviour team will work with you on a one to one encounter using the internet, where you discuss your training needs. Speak to a member of the team full more information and prices.

Desensitisation Appointment

A problem that we very often encounter is the dog that exhibits out of character behaviour as a result of "Vet-phobia". If you have a dog that is difficult to examine or treat at the surgery why not consider coming for desensitisation.

Desensitisation involves getting your dog gradually used to coming to the vets where handling and restraining becomes stress free and actually ends up by being a pleasant experience. The sessions are short but frequent and follow an Initial assessment to determine the suitability of your dog. Benefit from these sessions can sometimes be achieved after just a few visits; so if you have problems getting your dog’s nails cut, ears treated, vaccinations or just getting any treatment for your pet then this definitely is a clinic that you need to attend.

Desensitisation sessions £50 inclusive of all sessions

Contact us

Booking a behaviour consultation can be made by contacting any of the three Companion Care Vets in Norwich:

Hall Road: 01603 623040 

Longwater: 01603 513100 

Sprowston: 01603 484150

Or to contact our Behaviour Centre directly:

TEL: 07483 145 387




Puppy Training Classes

Our puppy classes are held at the Sprowston and Hall Road Companion Care Vet surgeries, on weekdays these are held between 7-8pm. We also hold daytime classes on Wednesdays.


We take 7 puppies per course, each course is 8 weeks long. Puppies can join from 1st vaccination to 12 months, they will learn sit, down, stay, walking on a loose lead, whistle recall, they will also learn leave, manners around food, in doorways and with visitors and strangers, tricks and all puppies will receive as part of the course a full 1hr Behaviour consultation where we advise on puppy behaviour problems for example play biting, jumping up, toilet training etc. Owners will also get instruction on nutrition and dog law. All of the training methods are reward based and usually using the Clicker method, we do not use punishment or any other punitive methods, including check chains and slip leads.


As well as the basic puppy course, we also offer an Intermediate, Advanced and Tricks course.

Want to try a behaviour consultation?


One to one training sessions

These are ideal for those who do not want to go in to a class environment, anti-social dogs or those with specific problems or needs. The sessions are of one hour duration, usually daytime or early evening and can be held at one of the Companion care surgeries in designated training rooms. The cost for these are usually £38 per session and £165 for a course of 5 sessions at our Behaviour Centre. We also offer a 5 session home visit course for one-to-one sessions for £220. To book please call Kiran direct at the Behaviour Centre. The Behaviour Centre number is 07483145387 or you can book by clicking here. Please follow this link to the website where you can read reviews from some of our behaviour session clients.

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Meet the team

Kiran Brice APDT CH MIACE 
Pet Behaviour Counsellor/Behaviour Centre Manager 

Kiran has worked for the practice as the Behaviour Centre manager for 15 years and is a full time dog behaviourist and qualified trainer, She is a full member of the APDT (no:00353) and is a charter member of the institute of animal care education, as well as a member of the Behaviour and training council. she also hold a diploma in Pet Bereavement and Nutrition Kiran specialises in aggressive dogs and has a background in breeding and working German Shepherds. She enjoys drawing and baking Macarons in her spare time.

Free Behaviour Assessment

Don't forget to take advantage of your free 30 minute behavioural assessment with one of our qualified experts. This is for dogs of all ages. Contact us to book your free assessment.