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 Max's story told here by his owner: ''We got max as a puppy from Dogs Trust 12 years ago & he has been my shadow ever since - he definitely is a mummy's boy! Last September we took him to our usual vets as he had a golf ball sized lump on his right front leg. They never once advised us that it needed to be removed & did not tell us what it was. A parent at our friends school recommended your veterinary surgery. The first time we saw Monish he told us what the now massive lump was- a pressure sore. He even showed us on Google & told us what the appropriate action should be. 

In January Monish removed a large amount of the pressure sore, but due to its size there was always the risk that it would fill up again. The lump grew again until it was a really nasty open wound. Despite Max being older, he was lively, healthy and a happy dog. We decided amputation was the only option, we wanted our beautiful family dog for as long as possible. 

The first week was hard, we wondered if we had made the right decision. Just three weeks after the operation, Max is really doing well, he is adapting so well! You can teach an old dog new tricks! He can walk, run, jump into &I out of the car. 

We know it's not all going to be easy with a tri-paw dog, but because of Monish we will have some extra time with Max and have some more fun times with a much loved member of our family. All our extended family & friends love Max as he's got such a brilliant, chilled out nature. They're all willing Max to do well and he is!'' - 

We would like other dog owners to aware of pressure sores & try to avoid letting their dogs lie on hard floors. Max always had a soft bed provided but preferred to lie/sleep on our tiled kitchen floor. Now he has to sleep on a well padded bed but when he can, still tries to sneak into the kitchen to lie on the floor!